Our Vision

Our Ideal School

Our Vision for Bluenose Academy


We are fostering a culture of communication where the school community (students, staff, parents and other community members) is equally responsible, and feels safe, valued and respected when communicating values, beliefs and ideas.


We are creating a learning environment where all students feel safe, valued, challenged and engaged through collaboration, differentiated instruction, research based strategies and making cross-curricular connections.


We focus on assessment practices that:

  • Align with curriculum outcomes
  • Meet the needs of the whole child to reach his/her potential
  • Incorporate a balanced approach (conversations, observations and product)
  • Determine where students are and what they need to do to improve
  • Are clear, purposeful, well designed, and student involved
  • Communicate relevant information to all stakeholders


We foster leadership within the school environment where staff, students, parents and community feel comfortable to share responsibility so that Bluenose Academy is an enriching place to work and learn.

Social Justice

At Bluenose Academy, all of our actions and decisions are guided by principles of social justice, fairness, and equity.

School Conduct

We model conduct that demonstrates teamwork and professionalism, encourages involvement and engagement of the school community and supports the educational goals and principles of Bluenose Academy.