School Counsellor

School Counsellor

My name is Bernadine Elliott and I am the school counsellor for Bluenose Academy. I am available to support and assist students from Primary to Grade 9 in their personal, social, academic and career development. I also consult with parents, teachers, administrators, other educators, and community agencies regarding strategies to help students with their issues and concerns.

At Bluenose Academy we have a Comprehensive Guidance Counsellor Program that is established and maintained by a team approach. The team (administrators, teachers, parents and students) helps decide how to best meet the needs of the students. The program emphasizes preventative and positive approaches to helping students, while providing intervention as required.

My primary role as school counsellor is to act as an advocate for all students by assisting them to acquire knowledge, attitudes, strategies, and skills in the four domains.

The guidance program provides students with opportunities to:

  1. Understand and appreciate oneself
  2. Relate effectively to others
  3. Develop appropriate educational plans
  4. Develop life plans and explore career alternatives

My website contains information for students and parents on a variety of topics.

Guidance Website: