Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

What is the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)?

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program allows a Co-op student to begin to learn a skilled trade while completing the requirements for a high school diploma. A co-op student may be signed as an apprentice with the employer at the time of their placement. Students graduate with a diploma, skills in a trade, experience in the workplace, and a head start in a skilled profession.

OYAP also is responsible for the promotion of skilled trades and apprenticeship as a "first choice" pathway for students after graduation, on par with college or university programs.

Click here for more details on how OYAP works, and what it provides to get young people started on rewarding careers in the skilled trades.

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Who can participate?

Eligible OYAP students must:

*as of February 2021, these are new guidelines allowing students to get started earlier than before! Previously students had to be 16 years old with 16 credits.

Preparing for OYAP

Students interested in the apprenticeship pathway participate in OYAP by taking Co-operative Education where the work placement is in a recognized skilled trade.

Students intending to participate in OYAP should start planning early by:

  • researching the types of skilled trades requiring apprenticeships that interest them. (Try the Trades Explorer Survey for a start!)

  • researching the opportunities for apprenticeships in their area - see the list and map below for employers who have offered OYAP placements recently;

  • selecting and completing high school courses related to their skilled trade of interest

  • selecting Co-operative Education for grade 11 and/or 12

  • speaking to a Guidance teacher to assist them in their research and course planning

  • speaking to a Co-operative Education teacher to assist them in securing a work placement that fits their plans

What Kinds of Skilled Trades do RRDSB OYAP Students Learn?

There are over 140 skilled trades in Ontario that can be learned through apprenticeship. Some of the skilled trades that RRDSB OYAP students have gotten a head start on in recent years include:

Motive Power
  • Auto Body Repairer

  • Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer

  • Automotive Service Technician

  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

  • Small Engine Technician

  • Truck and Coach Technician

  • Cook

  • Child Development Practitioner

  • Child and Youth Worker

  • Developmental Services Worker

  • Educational Assistant

  • Hairstylist

  • Retail Meat Cutter

  • Electrician - Construction and Maintenance

  • General Carpenter

  • Powerline Technician

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

  • Industrial Electrician

  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright

  • Welder

Check out the amazing employers who support our OYAP students!

Note - this is not necessarily complete. There may be opportunities for skilled trades placements that are not listed here. Some employers may be listed more than once, as they have offered placements in more than one trade.

Are you a skilled trades employer? Should you be on this list, or would you like to be? Contact a Co-op teacher at your local high school, or the RRDSB OYAP coordinator (contact info listed below).

RRDSB OYAP Employers

"I can use this course in my current Co-op placement and the next." * "The training was good, and I can use it right away."

Who to Contact

Please speak to your Guidance and/or Co-op teachers at your local high school, or contact:

RobRoy Donaldson

OYAP Recruiter, Rainy River DSB

522 Second St E., Fort Frances, ON P9A 1N4

(807)-274-9855 ext. 5011

robroy.donaldson@rrdsb.com or oyap@rrdsb.com

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is funded by the Government of Ontario.

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