Individual Pathways Planning, 7-12

What Does it Look Like in the Schools?

Students in Grades 7 to 12 will document evidence of their learning in an Individual Pathway Plan (IPP).

The Individual Pathways Plan

  • For students Grades 7 – 12
  • Contains evidence of a student’s learning in education and career/life planning
  • Compiled by the student with support from the teacher and parents/guardians
  • Is the primary planning tool that students use as they proceed through school towards their initial post-secondary destination
  • Students will develop their IPP using Xello, an online program.
  • Reviewed and revised at least twice yearly

What are my interests, strengths, intelligences, accomplishments, values and skills?

What factors have shaped who I am? What factors are likely to shape who I will become over time?

How do these characteristics shape my thoughts and actions? How do those thoughts and actions shape my development as a learner, my relationships, and my education and career / life choices?

What pathways are opened by the choices I make?

What school- and community- based opportunities are out there (e.g. recreational, social, leadership, volunteering, part-time employment)?

How can these opportunities help develop skills and relationships?

How can I explore a variety of fields of work, occupations, and careers?

What local and global trends affect the opportunities available to me?

What experience, education / training, and skills do I need to make the most of my opportunities? How do I get it?

What are the demands and rewards of the opportunities I have explored?

How well do those demands and rewards fit with my personal characteristics?

What are my personal, educational, and career / life goals?

How might those goals change as I grow and learn from new opportunities, and how can I be ready?

What are the steps required to achieve the goals I have set?

What resources do I need to carry out my plan?

What obstacles and challenges might there be, and what are some solutions to them?


Policy Document 2013

Resources for Career Studies, Coop, Experiential Learning

Xello Login for RRDSB Students