Waking Up Ojibwe

Ojibwe Language Strategy: Pathways Information


The purpose of Ojibwe Language Strategy is to help develop future teachers of Ojibwe in schools and communities. As of the 2019-2020 school year, we are in year three of the seven year plan. The strategy is the result of a partnership with the Rainy River District School Board, Seven Generations Education Institute, and SayITFirst, an organization committed to the revitalization of local Indigenous languages.

Who is it for?

Participants in the Language Strategy will:

  • be Rainy River District School Board students;
  • be considering a career as a teacher or Early Childhood Educator (ECE), with a focus on teaching Ojibwe language along with other teachable subjects;
  • be considering other careers where conversational fluency would be an asset (e.g. business, health services, social work);
  • benefit from completing some post-secondary education closer to home;
  • be committed to successful completion of the RRDSB Ojibwe program from elementary to Grade 12.

What is involved?

Participants will benefit from highly individualized program planning to support them on the path to earning certification as a teacher of Ojibwe or Early Childhood Education (ECE). Supports as provided by the partners in this strategy will include:

  • regular, ongoing exposure to the language in context by First speakers to develop fluency from a young age;
  • pathway planning to ensure the necessary educational requirements are met for high school, college, and university - including secondary Ojibwe language classes;
  • co-operative education to provide real-world experience in Ojibwe language education and revitalization;
  • paid summer employment opportunities (e.g. as co-leader of language summer camps for youth);
  • additional academic support as needed provided through schools and communities;
  • opportunities to complete significant portions of post-secondary education in Fort Frances at the Seven Generations campus in partnership with Lakehead University;
  • offsetting of tuition and room and board costs for post-secondary education.

To learn more, visit:

Or contact the Guidance Department at Fort Frances High School.