Decades Research

Research Topic: Decades Research

Assignment: Students will research infamous moments throughout the previous decades. While all the events listed on the attached handout may not be familiar, each of the events made an impact on the United States and to the memories of its citizens. Students will choose an event from the list and write and minimum of 8 focus questions specific to their topic. Research will be done in the computer labs.

Number and types of sources required: Students must use a minimum of three reliable sources. One of those sources must be a book. Begin with worldbook online. Use the gale database-student resources in context. Use the websites provided. Find a book on the library cart in the computer lab. As a last resort, surf the web for reliable sources.

Notetaking: Use either the snipping tool or the split screen methods for taking notes. If you use the split screen method make sure you have taken excellent notes. Keep the notes in your own words, and remember not to write in sentences. Use bullet points for note taking.

Citing Sources: Remember, with world book online, databases, and e-books, the sources are cited for you. Copy and paste the citations to your notes so you remember which notes correspond with which sources. Copy the information for a book and website on the handout. Use Microsoft Office to create a works-cited page. Put Works-Cited at the top of your page. Use microsoft office to create bibliographic citations for the books and websites you use. Copy and paste your other sources to your works-cited page. Put the source citations in alphabetical order and remember to "reverse indent" the 2nd and 3rd lines.

World Book Online: Remember to use keywords. This is not a website.

Gale Database- Student Resources in Context: Remember to use keywords. This is not a website.


Digital History

www-Virtual Library US History Timelines

History Channel

Books: Use the cart of books in the computer lab.

Video Clips:

Stock Market Crash-"Black Tuesday"

Amelia Earhart

Korean War

Apollo Project

Man on the Moon

President John F. Kennedy

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Vietnam War

World War II - Atomic bombs in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pearl Harbor, D-day, etc.

Richard Nixon



Decades Scoring Guide