Julius Caesar- Historical Investigation

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar-Historical Investigation (Argumentative)

Assignment: Imagine you are a historian. You recently received a letter from a friend you have at the Musei Capitolini in Rome. The friend wants to do a huge Julius Caesar exhibition at the museum. He's just not sure how the Romans will will receive Julius Caesar because he was a controversial person. You will need to decide if the museum should honor Julius Caesar or not. When you have decided you will write a letter to your friend, Giovanni Alessandro. arguing for or against a Julius Caesar display.

Handouts: See Attachments Below

Citing Sources: Remember to cite your sources using the MLA format. You will have to cite books and websites yourselves. Use the handouts below to cite a book and a website. Use Microsoft Office to put your book and website citations into the correct order. See the "Microsoft 101" for directions.

Rubric or Grading Tool: See Attachments Below

Number of sources required: Use at least three sources

World Book Begin your research here. Remember to use keywords such as Julius Caesar, Roman Republic. Your source citation will be found at the bottom of your articles.

E-BookAncient Rome In the search box type in your keywords. The pages your topic will appear on will be listed below the search box.

Discovery Collection Remember to use keywords here in the search box. Look at the different links for information on your topic. Your source citations will be found at the bottom of your articles.


Kidipede History for Kids : Ancient Rome Here is info about many of your topics. Blue printed words contain a link to an article about that subject – click them!

Mr. Donn's Class: Daily Life in Ancient Rome. After reading the introduction, use the Table of Contents to get around this website.

Dalton School Community Rome Project: Click on Political Resources

History Link: Ancient Romans

Video Clips:

Roman Republic: BrainPop

Rise of the Roman Empire: Julius Caesar


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Julius Caesar Historical Invastigation

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