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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt

Grade Level: 7th Grade Communication Arts

Assignment: Egyptian Civilization was one of the pioneers in written communication and language as we know it. You will write a one-page essay, a minimum of 5 well-developed paragraphs, about a subject related to Egypt. Choose one from the attached handout.

Handout: See Attachment below. To print click Download.

Number and types of resources required:

Citing Sources: Required

World Book Online Keywords: Ancient Egypt, mummies, pyramids, Rosetta Stone, Egyptian Pharoahs, Nile River

Ebook: Art and Culture of Ancient Egypt

Ebook: Exploring the Life, Myth, and Art of Ancient Egypt


Ancient-Egypt.Org Interactive book about Ancient Egypt

British Museum Includes links to daily life, geography, gods and goddesses, mummies, pharaohs, pyramids, temples, time, trades and writing.

Digital Egypt University College (London) site, good images, many topics

Guardian's Egypt Extensive menu of subjects and links

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt from the BBC

Mummies of Ancient Egypt

Mysteries of EgyptThe Canadian Museum of Civilization. Click on “Egyptian Civilization” for links to pages on many topics (look at bottom of pages).

Mysteries of the Nile PBS's NOVA site topics include pyramid, obelisk, timeline, Old Kingdom, New Kingdom.

New Look at Ancient Culture-EgyptTopics include expedition, daily life, writing, hieroglyphs, palace, gods and goddesses, funerary.

Odyssey Online-EgyptEmory University

The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago: Ancient Egypt

Pyramids:The Inside Story Another great Nova site

Video Clips:

Egyptian Pharoahs: BrainPop

Mummies: BrainPop

Cart of books on Ancient Egypt


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