Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

Assignment: You will create a PowerPoint presentaion based on your research about of the first ten amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights. If you choose the first amendment, you will only choose one aspect of it (such as freedom of speech).

Number and types of resources required: Use either your textbook or the sites listed below. Use a newspaper source.

Citing Sources Required: Cite all sources using Microsoft Office Word tools.

Google News

World Book Online: Use keywords "Bill of Rights", "Constitution of the United States"


ConstitutionFacts.Com How much do you really know about the most important document in United States' history? Take the quiz and test your knowledge. If you need some additional information, click on the US Constitution and Amendments tab and play the crossword puzzles. Read through brief summaries of each of the amendments to the U.S. Constitution and link to individual amendments as stated in the Constitution; scroll to amendments beginning with 16th for a review of 20th century amendments;included on this site is the complete Constitution online and a glossary of the definitions of obscure terms in the document.

The Bill of Rights Written by a teacher, this site contains a good explanation of the Bill of Rights and also links to each amendment and activities to go along with the site. An interactive experience with the Bill of Rights. The Our Documents group allows you to view a copy of the original Bill of Rights! There is a brief information section along with links to larger images, a typed transcript, and downloadable .PDF (Adobe) files.

Gale Databases:

Student Resources in Context: Search for Bill of Rights. Includes References, Images, Video, Primary Sources, News for the Bill of Rights, Magazines, Academic Journals, critical essays and case overviews.

BrainPop: Bill of Rights


Bill of Rights Project

Bill of Rights Content Scoring Guide