Colonial America

Colonial America

Colonial America

Assignment: Students will research the colonial regions which include Middle, New England, and Southern. The final product will be in the form or a power point presentation, a research paper, or a poster.

Number and types of resources required: 2 resources are required

Citing Source: Required. Students will use APA style. Their Works-Cited page can be a word document attached to the back of a poster, the last page of the research paper or as the last slide of the power point presentation.

World Book Online: Use keywords like "Colonial America", "Colonial Life", "New England Colonies", "Middle Colonies", "Southern Colonies", "Colonial Daily Life", "Colonial Economy", "Puritans", "Quakers", "Pilgrims", "Native Americans"

ClassZone- Online Social Studies Text

Colonial America Megasites:

Kid Info: Colonial Life

The 13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies

Short summaries of the founding and expansion of the colonies. An animation of the boundaries of the contiguous United States from 1650 to the present included.

Discovery, Exploration, Colonies and Revolution

Original 13 Colonies Online Resources

Colonial America Websites:

Cybrarian Kids' Educational Curriculum Site

Electronic Educational Village

American Colonies

This quick reference chart presents the thirteen original colonies, founders, purposes and more.

Pilgrim Clothing: Dress in Early New England

Clothing of pilgrims, with illustrations and detailed explanations.

The Pilgrim's 1621 Thanksgiving

This primary source presents a transcript of the first Thanksgiving's activities, including what foods they actually ate. Present day comments accompany the text.

Colonial Currency

By geography, this site provides images and information about colonial currency.

PBS: Colonial House

Could you have survived in colonial America? This page has interactive activities, games, quizzes, and supplemental materials. Listen and watch interviews with participants in the Colonial House program, learn about different regions of the "New World," and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.

PBS: Africans in America

Learn more about the experiences of Africans in the English North American colonies.

Virtual Jamestown

In this lesson, from The Virtual Jamestown Project, University of Virginia, students learn about the early history of the Jamestown Fort.


Thirteen Colonies-BrainPop

Thirteen Colonies: Qwiki


Colonial Presentation Rubric