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Nebraska Game and Parks Family Camp 2023

The Nebraska Game and Parks is holding their annual "Family Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" at Fort Robinson State Historical Park in May.  Space is limited to 8 families.  See the flyer, to the left, for more information.  Additional details and registration form can be found here, NE Game and Parks 2023 

This is NOT an MRP sponsored event.

New app for movie access


Mariella Satow started learning ASL last year, and soon realized there was a lack of free and engaging learning resources. After further research, she discovered how limited the opportunities were for certain Deaf individuals, especially children, to engage fully with television and movies and decided it was time to change this. Mariella worked with ASL experts and the Deaf community to create SignUp. SignUp enables a viewer to stream a movie and, simultaneously, a small pop-up window will appear with an interpreter signing in ASL. Students can use it for learning and everyone can enjoy movie nights!  Use the link above, SignUP, to learn more about this exciting new app.

Better Informed DHH Website by Mark Miller (TODHH, Brooklyn, NY)


Camp UBU is being held on June 25-30, 2023 in Arlington, South Dakota.  See the flyer for more details and registration information.

This is NOT an MRP sponsored event.