Audiological Related Assessments

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scales

From the Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss website:

The Vanderbilt Fatigue Scales (VFS) are a collection of listening-related fatigue scales developed to identify significant listening-related fatigue in individuals with hearing loss and other communication-based difficulties. You can find more information about the development of the scales, their use in clinical, educational, and research endeavors, and how to partner with us to translate the scales into another language on the pages of this site,

The Vanderbilt Fatigue Scales were created in collaboration with the following research laboratories at Vanderbilt University Medical Center:

  • Listening and Learning Lab (PI: Dr. Fred Bess, Co PI: Dr. Stephen Camarata, Research Coordinator: Dr. Hilary Davis)

  • Hearing and Communication Lab (PI: Dr. Ben Hornsby)

Please direct all inquires and questions about the VFS to Dr. Ben Hornsby at

The authors express gratitude to all the families and individuals that contributed to the data collection for this project, as well as the numerous VUMC graduate students who collected, organized, and analyzed data.


The development of the Vanderbilt Fatigue Scales for Children (VFS-Peds) was supported by the US Institute for Educational Sciences (IES), U.S. Department of Education, through Grant R324A150029 to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The development of the Vanderbilt Fatigue Scales for Adults (VFS-A-40 & VFS-A-10) were supported by a grant from Starkey, Inc and by the NIH NIDCD through Grant R21DC012865 to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.