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By Helen Keller Middle School's Newspaper Club


Dear Helen Keller Middle School,

As you have probably noticed, Issue 3 has been published. There are many names for Issue 3. It is " The Best Newspaper Yet" or " The Third Accomplishment?" It is also the "Final Issue of The Keller Courier for the 2021-2022 school year." What started as just a dream of two middle school kids, became a reality on October 12, 2021. Newspaper Club had started. And now, here we are on June 7th, when Newspaper Club has ended. There would be no Newspaper Club if it wasn't for the wonderful 6th Grade ILA Teacher who made it all possible. I would like to thank Mrs. Jennifer Burke for making this club a reality. I would also like to thank my partner in the founding and leading Newspaper Club, Charles Rabinowitz, for making Newspaper Club, leading the group, and so much more. I would finally like to thank The Keller Courier Team who worked hard every Tuesday to make a wonderful newspaper for you! We would like to thank...

  • Mrs. Jennifer Burke (Leader and Supervisor)

  • Charles Rabinowitz (Co-Founder, Leader, Author, and Co-Web Designer)

  • Henry Egan (Author and Co-Web Designer)

  • Arjun Phatak (Co-Founder, Leader, Author, and Co-Web Designer) (Thanks, Arjun! From Charles)

  • Matthew Modafferi (Co-Web Designer)

  • Alexander Jezowski (Author)

  • Alexandra Lempert (Author)

  • Angelina Rosa (Photographer)

  • Chase Malia (Author)

  • David Geer (Author)

  • Dylan Nemore (Author)

  • Elizabeth Kimball (Author)

  • Finn Taylor (Photographer and Author)

  • Nicholas Modafferi (Author)

  • Rhys Ouellette (Author)

  • Ryan Wheatley (Technician)

  • Sammy Goldman (Author)

  • Sharon Sara (Author)

  • Zachary Johnston (Cartoonist)

On behalf of Newspaper Club, we would like to thank you for reading The Keller Courier this year and we hope you have a wonderful, fun, and enjoyable summer vacation!


Arjun Phatak

Co-founder, Co-Web Designer, Leader, and Author of The Keller Courier

Issue 3 articles below


The day you’ve probably been mourning for is upon us. On June 21 at 12:50pm, we will all be let out into summer vacation. Whether you think it’s depressing or liberating, it will happen. If you want to track the days to go until “depression” or “liberation”, click here (please note that it includes weekends).


In this section, Chase Malia will explain to you about 2 new beautiful birds.


In this section, Elizabeth Kimball talks about the last debate for debate club. In an another article, Arjun Phatak interviews Mrs. Mohr about the three big changes in HKMS.


In this section, Rhys Ouellette will teach you all about the All new BMW iX, BMW's first electric SUV.

Around the World

In this section, Sammy Goldman talks about Angola. He also talks about Antigua and Barbuda. Please read to learn all about these 2 amazing countries!!


In this section, Finn Taylor and Chase Malia tell you all about Ping Pong. In another article, Nicholas Modaferri and David Geer have written tons of information about recent Hockey games. They have also written an article about the Mikey's Way Basketball Game! Make sure to read these articles to stay up to date with your favorite Hockey team!


In this new section Chase Malia, Elizabeth Kimball, and Finn Taylor have written an article about Roblox. Finn also writes a very informative article on Fortnite. Read on to learn more.

Articles from Issue 2


In this section, Chase Malia explains to you all about 3 species of nature. Additionally, Finn Taylor explains to you why you should adopt a dog. Click on the image to check out these articles.

Around The World

In this section, Sammy Goldman explains to you all about Andorra. Additionally, Charles Isaac Rabinowitz, Elizabeth Kimball. and Angelina Rosa show you 3 amazing places you might want to consider going to during Spring Break! Click on the image to check out these articles.


In this section, Henry Egan will tell you all about macOS Monterey. Additionally, Dylan Nemore shows you how to take a screen shot on chromeOS.

Lots going on at HKMS!

  • Annie Jr.

  • Mikey's Way! On our way to 5k!

  • Interview with our new principal, Dr. Clapp

  • Keller Courier in the Easton Courier

In this section, we are making cupcakes. Ooh! Cupcakes! If you don't have anything to do, why not bake some delicious sweets? Rhys Ouellette will show you how!

Sport Section

In this section, Nicholas Modafferi will tell us about the most recent sports games, including the recent Super Bowl!

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