Horsham College Careers & Pathways

Welcome to the Horsham College Careers & Pathways website.

Our aim is to ensure that all the information you want about careers and pathways can be found in one place and is tailored to the needs of Horsham College students, staff and families.

We also communicate careers information via the following channels:

  • Fortnightly Horsham College Newsletter

  • Horsham Careers & Pathways Facebook Group

  • SEQTA ENGAGE Notices

If you would like more specific information, please visit the Careers Office (next to the Yr 12 staffroom) or send a SEQTA message to a member of the team.

Paul Webster: Co-Head of Careers (Vocational)

Caroline O'Donnell: Co-Head of Careers (VCE and Further Study)

Sharon Warrick (Projects and Curriculum)

Lyndon Kuhne (Middle School and Vocational Pathways)

Campbell Pallot (School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships)

Genni Smith (Work Experience/SWL)