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Store an unlimited amount of files for easy access at school or home. Easily share or collaborate on documents to make working with others better.

Organise your work and resources into notebooks, to share with others and collaborate - or simply use as an interactive whiteboard in lessons.

Bring your presentations to life by recording slide annotations as well as sound and video.

Get whatever is on your iPad screen onto the big screen - allowing quick access to images to demonstrate student work and other apps.

Transform a PowerPoint or Word Document into a professional looking digital resource that you can easily share with others.

Upload videos to our secure video sharing service or view and share videos created by other teachers to help you or your class.

Search, borrow and read books online or from the RM books app. Read books for leisure or use them with your class.

Empower students to independently document their learning and receive feedback from both teacher and peers.

Manage meetings, projects or create classroom tasks easily with this task-based management tool.

Swim with sharks, visit outer space, walk through a museum, and more without leaving the classroom. Visit our expeditions website to book now!

Quick and easy ways to capture content for your classes in a video format. Create engaging explainer videos, class demonstrations or capture some of the amazing work they have produced so easily share with others.

Manage your classes more efficiently by sharing resources, setting homework, posting announcements and questions in one place.

Have a look at more ideas on how to use IT in the classroom to make tasks engaging.

Learn how to hold meetings online with your teams.

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Coming soon!