What is OneNote?

OneNote is a digital notebook that allows collaborative working. Notebooks can be organised into sections and have many pages, which you can fill with text, images and videos as well as being able to attach files and annotate over anything on the page.

Classroom Ideas

Using OneNote for Moderation

“Make moderation exercises easier by transforming your moderation file into a digital notebook. Add the student’s work to the page, highlight it, draw on it or comment around it like you would a piece of paper. This notebook can be shared, viewed or edited by anyone who has access. Not only can you collaborate, but you can also have a good record of that collaboration for future review.”

Credit: C. Lunn, Quay Academy

In this example, a Primary Teacher has put together samples of student work to create a digital writing standards portfolio to share with his team. This is a great idea if you want more than one person to work on the portfolio and add to it as you can share the OneNote notebook with others, allowing them to collaborate and add their own evidence by giving them editing access. On the other hand, you may just want this resource to replace a paper moderation document you already have, and therefore it can also be shared with viewing access.

The standards of writing can be separated into appropriate sections, and within each section, each page could represent a standard of writing. Students work has been scanned in via the Scannable app and exported directly to the notebook, then each piece of work is moderated and marked up using the annotation tools in OneNote. If anything needs changing, you can easily create and delete pages - which saves you having to re-do it on paper.

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Using OneNote for Shared Lesson Planning

OneNote is also a great tool if you want to plan and share resources with another teacher. The above image is a picture of a shared OneNote, whereby two teachers have been sharing lesson plans, resources and ideas for a class. What’s more - you can then open the OneNote up within the lesson and teach directly from the page to save more time.

Credit: S. Davy, Ainthorpe Primary School

Training Videos

OneNote: The Basics (Part One)

A short introduction to OneNote that covers what it is, what content you can add in it and also how you gain access to OneNote via the many different platforms available.

OneNote: Ten Teaching Tips (Part Two)

A video that covers OneNote and a variety of different features available for you to use as a teaching tool. The video is separated into sections, and you can use the contents page to go straight to a desired topic.

Creating and Storing OneNote Notebooks

This short video guide talks you through where OneNote notebooks are actually saved. This video will help if you've started using OneNote but would like to become more organised, or simply are new to OneNote and want to make a start.

Useful Links

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