iPad Mirroring

What is AirServer for iPad Mirroring?

AirServer is a service that lets you mirror what is on your iPad screen, onto the big screen.

Classroom Ideas

Turn your iPad into a Digital Mini Whiteboard

“The ability to draw out problems or concepts on the big screen is invaluable to a teacher, but sometimes you may feel in the way or may not have enough room at the front of your class - using screencasting and iPad Notes can allow you to write on screen from anywhere in the room.”

Credit: M. Boswell, Wold Primary School

This example is set in a maths lessons at a Primary School in Hull. For a portion of the lesson, the children were sat on the floor, gathered around the big screen and practising adding 10’s. The teacher had split the screen into two halves so the children could see the activity from Effective Maths on one side, and on the other side, there was a space for working out answers to the problems. What you can see on the right-hand side of the screen is the iPad notes app - the iPad has been mirrored using AirServer and the drawing tools that are available in the notes app transforms the screen into a digital mini whiteboard.

As a result, the teacher can stand with the iPad out of the way of the board, but it is still be able to show how the sums are worked out as the go through them as a class.

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Making Practical Elements of Lessons More Accessible

“It isn’t always easy for everyone to see what is happening when there is a demonstration, and although a visualiser can help, it is often inflexible. Using screencasting and an iPad or smartphone can open up access more easily.”

The children in this Foundation class are frequently trying different types of food, on this particular day they were trying Chinese food. It turns out that AirServer stretches further than the room you are in, as the teacher was able to prepare the food in the kitchen next door and share the process via the big screen. The children were all very excited, as they watched the food they were about to try being prepared in front of their eyes.

They were all gathered around the board and identified the different types of food as they appeared on the screen. What’s more, everyone was able to participate because they could all see the board, instead of having to crowd into a small space in order to see.

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Credit: S. Colling and S. Ellis, Endike Academy

Training Videos

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