What is DRET TV?

DRET TV is a video sharing service (similar to YouTube) that is only accessible to people in the Trust for both staff and students.

Classroom Ideas

Just one of the many DRET TV video channels

Flipping Greenfields - Increasing Parental Engagement

Flipping Greenfields is a term used at Greenfields Primary Academy as their way of implementing a flipped learning approach across the school. The flipped learning approach to teaching reverses the traditional learning environment by introducing a topic the children will learn about the week before, so they are ready to put it into practice the following week. For example - a teacher at Greenfields may create a simple yet fun explainer video on the topic of column subtraction and upload it to their channel on DRET TV. The children haven't yet done any work on column subtraction but they can watch the video and learn about it over the weekend, with their parents help. When they come into class on Monday, the children can jump straight onto solving problems using the column subtraction method that they have learn't about over the weekend, with the facilitation of the teacher.

Every Friday, parents are also invited to come into school and learn about what will be going on in the classroom the next week. Since starting Flipping Greenfields, the school has seen a major increase in parental engagement and participation of workshops, with even more parents attending assemblies.

Training Videos

DRET TV 2.0: The Basics

A short overview of DRET TV covering: accessing it, finding channels, searching and sharing videos

DRET TV 2.0: What's New?

A few of the new features available in DRET TV.

DRET TV Manager: Creating Channels and Uploading Videos

This video is useful for anyone that is a DRET TV Manager - demonstrating how to correctly create channels and upload videos.

Useful Links

DRET TV (dret.tv)