What is Trello?

Trello is a task-based management app that works on both the web and app. It's a simple tool that has three main features: boards, lists and cards. So, it's really useful if you're managing a project, a team or organising an event. It's also a great classroom tool as it can alternate as an assessment tool or game-based activity - like a matching game. Have a look below to see how.

Classroom Ideas

Simple assessment with Trello

“Trello allows you to see the big picture - in one snapshot you can see where every student is at or achieving for a certain task.”

Credit: M. Boswell, Wold Primary School

This example shows Trello being used for an assessment task, with the lists along the top representing a scale of ability i.e. if the children were solving problems involving patterns then the children could move their card to where they aim to achieve.

  • The Deep - draw the table
  • KC Stadium - neatly
  • Humber Bridge - answer the problem in a full sentence

It could then be revisited after to assess the completed work. The board could then be reset and reused for the next lesson with a new set of aims. If you have an interactive whiteboard you could leave the Trello board open and have the children move their cards themselves throughout the lesson, as they realise they are able achieve more of the task.

Training Videos

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