What is Sway?

Microsoft Sway is a free and easy-to-use tool that will accept content from a PowerPoint or Word document and transform it into a professional looking digital resource. You can add interactive content from other resources, videos, audio as well as text and images, which can then be shared with others.

Classroom Ideas

Creating Interactive Newsletters or End-of-topic Celebrations

“If you want to create great looking material but don’t want to spend too much time making it look professional, add your content to Sway in order to create an interactive resource that you can easily share with others using a link. You can also add in videos and other media formats. Best of all, you can be confident the material will look its best on a mobile phone screen or on a big monitor as it handles the presentation for you.”

Credit: N. Hassall, Barnes Wallis Academy

Sway can be used by gathering resources of many different formats i.e. class videos and pictures and auto-generating professional looking designs, which can then be shared online using a link. If the students have been working on projects they would like to present to parents or peers, the teacher can create a presentation that encompasses images and videos of the work to be shown on a big screen.

The presentation will adapt to look good on different sized screens such as smartphones. Sway takes the pressure off formatting a PowerPoint, Publisher or Word document to fit everything onto one page or slide. With Sway, you can add as much content as you like and it will generate a one-page digital resource for you.

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Training Videos

Creating Newsletters with Sway

This video demonstrates how to use Microsoft Sway to transform bland and boring documents into engaging, online and interactive content to share with others.

Useful Links

Sway (sway.com)