What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a free digital portfolio app which allows teachers to set up classes to either share pictures, videos, text, drawings, files etc with their classmates or with the teacher. The teacher is able to make comments, annotations or voice notes to provide feedback.

Classroom Ideas

Digital Portfolios with Effective Feedback

“Imagine if you didn’t always have to carry home handfuls of marking and instead you did it all from one app on your smartphone or tablet. Although the marking is digital, students then get the chance to understand the feedback, mark it in their books and improve their work.”

Credit: S. Davy, Ainthorpe Primary School

This idea is a great way to reduce the amount of books you have to take home to mark each night, by collating the work produced for the day into a digital portfolio. The big bonus to this idea, is that it also promotes deeper understanding of the feedback that you provide. For example, the students will take a picture of their work using a device available in class, and upload it to their class or individual portfolio in Seesaw. The teacher then has the option to comment, annotate or produce an audio clip of the feedback.

The students can then listen or read their feedback and add it to their workbook using a different colour pen - they can then go on to make the amendments based on the feedback. Not only does this make the marking process quicker for the teacher, but it also ensures that the feedback has been read and understood.

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