30 Days of Art

with Miss Lanker


The goal of 30 Days of Art is to encourage creative thinking and fine motor skills through art. I’m a middle school art teacher, so much of this outreach is based within what I teach to my students but can be adapted for almost any age, within reason. I will also be including the bell work I use with my classes, as it is a great (quick) way to learn about fine art and artists. These are not busy-work activities, but meant to be meaningful. Art teachers are not simply filling time with kids’ art meant to be gallery-ready, but working to help our students become better human beings, by understanding that we must be mindful of what we do. As with anything we do, the only way to get better at anything is to practice. Don’t be discouraged if you struggle - try to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Materials List

Recommended basic supplies for 30 Days of Art:

-pencil, eraser

-ink pen (ballpoint is fine)

-washable markers

-colored pencils


-scissors & glue (liquid OR glue stick)

-watercolor palette or dry tempera cakes, soft paintbrush

-magazines, newspaper, styrofoam (can use clean meat tray or plates)

-cardboard and other recyclable materials you happen to have around the house

Other supplies for additional projects:

-permanent markers

-watercolor pencils

-glue gun

-oil pastels

-craft paint (acrylic), paintbrushes

-assortment of colored construction paper

-yarn, assorted string

-painters tape/masking tape

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