Get to know some of Colombia's destinations through the experiences of our experts. 

It is one of the most colorful, joyful regions of Colombia with nice beaches, a great culinary diversity and a place full of historic cities. Its people, its beaches, its colors, its flavors, its festivals and its music, they are making this place one of the most worth visiting tourist destinations in all of Colombia.

By: Sharon Contreras

This exotic destination is part of the 6 regions that are forming Colombia. The Pacific consists of 4 departments. The first one we will talk about is Chocó. Chocó is located in the northwest of the country and is honored to have two oceans; the Pacific and the Caribbean. No other place has more African heritage presented than this department.

By: Sharon Contreras

In this blog we want to introduce you to a small part of the Andean region, located in the heart of Colombia and known as one of the most populated areas of the country. It has a wide range of thermal zones and most of the country's natural parks are located here. Due to its many thermal zones, a lot of different fruits and vegetables are produced. It is the home of the Andean condor, the emblematic bird of the Colombian shield.

By: Sharon Contreras

After more than a year of planning and continuous contact between DE UNA and David, the awaited trip to Vichada took place. This region is located in the heart of the Orinoco, in the far east of Colombia and on the border with Venezuela, was listed as the "eighth wonder of the world" by Alexander von Humboldt. On this article David tell us about his incredible trip to this wonderful destination.

By: David Atack

The Thundering Heart of Vaupés

This year we have been able to support and organise the itineraries of several travellers who have trusted us to make their dream come true by getting to know the best of Colombia. One of them was our friend Nick, he was one of our recent travellers who decided to visit Vaupés. He wrote his experience in such a unique way that makes us want to travel to the Colombian jungle, read his beautiful written experience of his wonderful adventure in Vaupés!

By: Nick

After a year of lockdowns, many travel restrictions and a lot of uncertainty, our agency had its first international group since the beginning of the pandemic. Even though two rough moments merged the third peak of the virus in Colombia and a National Strike- our clients had an unforgettable trip, filled with good memories and wonderful experiences.

By: Karol Villamil

The pandemic changed the work dinamics around the world, we were not the exception. Since the beginning we had to adapt and took us almost two years to do one of the activities we enjoyed the most, getting to know places and have experiences together as a family, we saw the opportunity to meet again and here is the resume of our group adventure in one of the most important Paramos of the world. 

By: Milena Forero

Our coworker Paola shares her travel experience during a road trip from Bogotá to Guatapé a week before the beginning of the third wave of COVID-19 in Colombia!

Also gives some travel advice for these times and tells a little bit about how the pandemic has affected her travel life. 

By: Paola Olarte

Good news for the Dutch travelers! Since February 22, the Dutch airline KLM has once again been operating between Colombia and the Netherlands. So travelers with the Dutch nationality can travel carefree to and from Colombia. 

By: Sigrid Holvoet

During these moments of pandemic, it is better to be out there in the fresh air, staying in nature or in little villages. Colombia has so much to offer, and riding a bike gives you the possibility to take out the most of it! 

By: Thomas Doyer

After months of planning, setbacks and being one of the last countries in South America to receive the first batch of vaccines; Colombia has officially began with its vaccination plan against COVID-19. 

By: Sigrid Holvoet

Tubing, Don Diego River, Magdalena

Worldwide we are waiting to be able to travel overseas. Although we are all facing the same pandemic, the measures of each nation vary according to their situation. Many countries have decided to keep the borders closed giving a feeling of impossibility to travel. However, Colombia is a country that is completely open and is the proof that it is possible to travel safely during these times. 

By: Paola Olarte

Tayrona NP, Santa Marta, Magdalena

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