June 8 2022 - Sharon Contreras

Today we join the global celebration for the conservation of the oceans. In Colombia we are fortunate to have two, the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, we cannot forget the purpose of this day; informing you about the impact that we, human beings, have on the ocean. So we can develop a global conservation movement for the sustainable management of our seas.

We want to invite you to join us in the preservation of this wonderful resource! It’s not only a vital resource but it is the heart of the planet by pumping water to every corner of the earth's surface. They are the veins, the channel that connects us with the rest of the world, no matter where we are.

The ocean regulates the climate, produces oxygen, and helps feeding people. It is home to a great marine biodiversity and of great value for important medicines.

For this reason, we must promote its conservation so as travelers we will have an even greater sense of belonging to the environment. Creating a community that generates awareness among the others, understanding that the ocean is the heart of the world, and everyone's health depends on a clean and productive ocean!