Colombia - A unique destination for travelers

Colombia is one of the few countries in Latin America that has not been overrun over with Western tourists. In Colombia you really get the feeling that there are things to discover, something your neighbors or friends haven´t done. If you like adventure, travelling in a country full of contradictions, travelling in a country with a great natural and cultural diversity and you want to meet the nicest people of Latin America then Colombia the right destination for you.

DE UNA Colombia Tours is since 2004 The Colombia specialist. We have frequently and extensively travelled through all areas of Colombia and still do this during our tours, roundtrips and vacations. This gives us the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to travel and to offer destinations that no other travel agency can match. Join DE UNA on one of our tours or roundtrips, book one or more short trips to your favorite destination or let us help you organize a custom made tour and get the most from your visit to Colombia.


“DE UNA” is a typically Colombian expression that is difficult to translate directly into English. It is very popular among friends and is best defined as “let’s go” or “right now”. You don’t have to think long about it; instead, everything sounds so good that you don’t hesitate a minute. We called our travel and tour agency DE UNA both because of the meaning of the expression, which describes our tours very well, as well as due to the fact that “de una” is a typically Colombian expression.

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