June 30 2022 - Sharon Contreras

This exotic destination is part of the 6 regions that are forming Colombia. The Pacific consists of 4 departments. The first one we will talk about is Chocó. Chocó is located in the northwest of the country and is honored to have two oceans; the Pacific and the Caribbean. No other place has more African heritage presented than this department. And one of the things that you will love about Chocó is its musical folklore, which has its origin from African rhythms and uses drums to create frenetic rhythms, which are still heard and danced to this day. It has a jungle inhabited by a lot of wildlife, and with extensive virgin beaches where humpback whales arrive once a year to have their young and mate. This is why the coasts of Chocó are a must-see destination for lovers of nature, sea and water sports.

The second department that we will talk about is Valle del Cauca. Its capital is Cali, one of the best destinations if you love to dance. It is called the "branch of heaven" because of the smell of rumba and joy that soaks into you when you arrive at the capital of salsa. If you want to get to know this destination, you cannot miss out on trying its exquisite gastronomy. Cali has a series of unique and typical dishes to offer and it is worth trying them all during your visit. Next to culture, Valle del Cauca has a lot of nature to offer. The Natural Park Bahía Málaga is considered one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, it is an ideal place to reconnect with nature. If you want to have an extreme but unforgettable experience, you can go shark diving on Malpelo and Gorgona, some exotic and paradise islands where you can find a great diversity of fauna and flora.

The third department of this region is Cauca, where you can visit beautiful coffee farms of great quality and learn about the process of growing and manufacturing coffee. In the north, you can go to Roldanillo and visit the museum of the famous Colombian painter Omar Rayo.

In Nariño, you should take advantage of what nature and culture has to offer. It has rivers, lagoons, nature reserves, canyons, beaches, volcanoes, páramos and many other natural wonders. You should also visit the historical places of the region that are endowed with beautiful infrastructures such as the Sanctuary of Las Lajas, the second architectural wonder of Colombia. If you love extreme sports such as paragliding or mountain biking, the Galeras volcano is the ideal place. There you can camp and even the ecosystem of the páramo. But you must be prepared for the cold, because in the early mornings the temperature can drop to zero degrees.

Without any doubts, we still have a long way to discover all the hidden gems of this beautiful region. 

The Colombian Pacific is waiting for you!

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