Our First International Group in Colombia

Jul. 12, 2021 - Karol Villamil

Arriving to Colombia in the middle of the Pandemic 

After a long year of waiting, our first international group of 18 people arrived in Bogotá on the 18th of May. The travellers from Romania landed in the city on a KLM flight. When entering the country, they were asked for a negative PCR test and to fill in the Check-Mig form of Migración Colombia. 

At the airport, the travellers were welcomed by one of the agency's collaborators and transferred to the Hotel de la Ópera in the historic city centre. After checking in at the hotel, with all the biosecurity protocols, the clients received a delicious mango juice as a welcome drink and went to their rooms to rest.

Travelling around Colombia in the middle of the National Strike 

The following day a local tour guide and I (one of DE UNA's collaborators and travel advisor) picked up and guided the travellers during their tour  through  the city. Considering that a large mobilisation was planned for that day due to the National Strike, we started our tour very punctually. We made our way to the Plaza de Bolivar, to the Botero Museum, which we were unable to visit, as it was closed due to the protests. From there we made our way along the Candelaria until we reached Avenida Jiménez and the Golden Museum, which was also closed. The group was informed of these closures in advance, but they wanted to corroborate the information.

Once the entry restrictions to the museums were confirmed, we started a panoramic tour, passing through the Plaza de los Periodistas, Universidades and Casa Museo Quinta de Bolívar and finally we arrived to Monserrate and took the cable car up. At the end of the tour we went down by cable car and had lunch at the Origen Bistro Restaurant. Since the group was unable to visit two of the locations that were part of the tour, we drove to Parque de la 93 in a private transport. This change of plans allowed them to see a modern side of the city, which is rarely visited by tourists. At the end of the afternoon we returned to the hotel, finding on the way peaceful manifestations in some streets that were able to be avoided easily, and we arrived back at the hotel without any complications.  

Despite The National Strike, the trip was done without any changes or complications. The following day they went to Zipaquirá, where they visited the iconic Salt Cathedral and continued their journey, they made a stop in Ráquira and finally reached their destination Villa de Leyva.

Group in Moserrate

Mitigating environmental impact   

DE UNA Colombia Tours is committed to Sustainable Development, which includes among its 17 objectives the conservation of the environment and the empowerment of the most vulnerable communities. That is why we work hand in hand with local suppliers, who are equally committed to the conservation of vulnerable ecosystems. To mitigate the negative effects that are related to different tourism activities, during the stay of the travellers in the coffee region, the group was able to visit the Cocora Valley, the tour there was emphasised on the importance of the ecosystem and how it has been affected by illegal mining and logging. The group had the opportunity to plant some wax palms, a tree that is in a state of vulnerability, in previously defined areas, therefore they were able to contribute to its conservation. 

Group in Cocora Valley

The Must Seen in Medellín

There are several unmissable destinations in the Antioquia region, the highlights are Medellín and Guatapé. In the city of “Eternal Spring”, the tourists enjoyed the warmth of the people of the region, visited La Comuna 13, La Plaza de Botero and El Parque de los Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Park) during a short tour. 

They also made a quick visit to Guatapé and the Piedra del Peñol, walking through the colourful streets of this Antioquian town.  If you want to know more about these beautiful destinations click here.

Group in The Colombian Caribbean

The Colombian Caribbean

Tayrona, Barranquilla, Cartagena are special destinations in our Caribbean Coast with a great diversity of activities to offer. In Tayrona and its surroundings the travellers visited the Tayrona National Park. With good luck it is possible to observe howler monkeys, birds and even reptiles.They visited Playa Cristal, one of the most beautiful beaches in the park and relaxed in the warmth of the sun. On the way to Barranquilla the tourists stopped at Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta and Nueva Venecia where they visited some palafito villages.  

From Barranquilla they headed to Cartagena, where their trip concluded, but not before enjoying a tour of the city with its iconic attractions, Monasterio de la Popa, Castillo de San Felipe, Centro Historico and a day trip to one of the Rosario Islands. 

Considering the current situation, travelling in Colombia did not represent any trouble for our clients. We are still in a pandemic, and we also had a high number of COVID cases and a National Strike back in May. Despite this, our tourists had no complications, were able to enjoy their stay in Colombia and took back different impressions. Before their return, we arranged the PCR-testing in order for them to be able to take the flight back home. DE UNA takes care of every detail of the trip, we are prepared for any eventuality and additional service needed. Always highlighting the experience of the agency and the guarantee to maintain the safety of our clients. It's time to travel. Colombia is waiting for you and DE UNA Colombia Tours will help you in every stage of your trip to this beautiful country.