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@ Ridgeline HS Gymnasium

Tuesday, May 24th, 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Tuesday, May 31st, 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday, June 1st, 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Colorguard is an integral part of the Ridgeline Regiment - our state-of -the-art Ridgeline HS Marching Band! Colorguard members are the visual story tellers who incorporate the use of what we call THE TRIAD: body/dance, drill/movement, and equipment/flag or faux weapons like riffles and sabers from the military tradition of silent drill teams.

You instantly become part of the Ridgeline HS Band program. Anyone is welcome to be a member of the colorguard. We want to introduce you to the skills and help you join our mission next year as Falcons: to make it Ridgeline HS a home that let's everyone pursue their passion to Belong, Inspire and Grow!

While our OPEN CALL is now complete with great success. We would like ALL members to complete the Ridgeline Marching Band 2021 Registration Process. For those STILL interested in getting started with the Ridgeline Marching Band Colorguard, please contact Mr. Parker at to get started.

Please email head coach Josh Niles with questions,

Registration will close June 1st.

(Open Now, completed before July 1st)

        • This is our district's online medical authorization to treat, and our release forms .

        • TIP: make sure you register the student and NOT the parent.

        • Please upload Physicals as PDFs, photos are not acceptable and you will not clear.

        • After July 1st, students cannot be cleared again until the August Camp FinalForm goes out.



Stay Tuned for Summer Spin Club Announcements

Spin Club is an optional workout we will have throughout the summer. Coaches will give minimum 10 days notice so students can try to attend. Spin Club helps build a social connection and layers in a variety of skill building for our performers.

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Ridgeline Colorguard

The Ridgeline High School Colorguard activity will have three unique seasons. The most extensive being the Fall colorguard section of the marching band, Ridgeline Regiment. The second season is a fun workshop we run for a few weeks, it helps students develop their skills and even learn new equipment or dance elements. Workshops usually include some performances at halftime of some basketball games, as well as other opportunities to showcase the new elements our members have added to their personal repertoire. And the spring season of colorguard is a student-led recital. Students are given parameters by our coaches and designers, so they can learn the elements of design through their own work and choreography.

From our friends at Director's Showcase International, these videos break down a variety of dance and equipment technique skills used in colorguard, ranging from beginner to advanced techniques, on flag, rifle, and sabre. These feature many of our Music for All - Summer Symposium faculty members. We are grateful for Music for All's leadership to bring this amazing content to our student-performers. Please click on the colorful labels to explore the content of each skill area.