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Dr. Tania Farran

Mom, educator, leader, business owner, entertainer, and author.

Welcome to Creative Living Ideas, where you’ll find creative inspiration for developing your own work life balance. "Entertaining" features easy and fun ways to entertain in your home, complete with links to books to put the right ideas into your hands. Click on "Publications" for literature and nonfiction inspired by true stories and experiences. "Our Children" section helps parents access information on parenting—the most rewarding and challenging job. “Mind, Body, and Spirit” allows you to access links and resources for practicing self-care. As this site evolves and grows, come back to visit often. If you have any ideas or requests please feel free to email me.

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My world is filled with wonderful moments and prideful memories with my family, as you may relate to. I have two beautiful daughters my husband and I raised while balancing a career, going to college, and making sure they made it to every practice possible. There were times where I have laughed until it hurt and have been brought to tears by exhaustion in the same day. Another blessing in my life is my son-in-law who is a wonderful addition to our family, and fits in with our crazy lifestyle. Although parenting has been the most difficult job in the world, it has also been the most rewarding. Now, I have reached the point in my life where my children are the ones helping me learn.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Ron, for 29 years. He is my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and willingly allows me to reach for the next rung. My hobbies include cooking, entertaining, playing golf, reading, writing, and spending time with my family.

My educational background includes:

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis

  • Masters in Administration from Lindenwood University

  • Doctorate of Education from Missouri Baptist University

My 24 years of experience in education consists of 14 years of teaching and ten years as an administrator. I have loved my career working with children and adults, and I feel as if I learn something new each day.

This new chapter of my life is so exciting, and truly a dream come true. Thank you to my family for your endless support of my dreams. I love you all.