The Local School Council was created by the Chicago School Reform Act of 1988. Local School Councils are in all Chicago Schools. The Local School Council consists of 6 parents, 2 community members, 2 teachers, 1 staff member, and the principal of the school. In high schools there is also a student representative on the council. Members are elected to their positions and serve a 2 year term. The exception to this is the high school student representative serving a 1 year term. Once elected the members are required to complete a mandatory training program.

The primary responsibility of the Local School Council is to select the school’s principal, renew the principal’s four year contract, approve the school’s budget for the school year and approve the CIWP (Continuous Improvement Working Plan).

Farnsworth LSC Members


Barbara Oken


Christina Hatley


Kristin Stephens

Parent Members

Becky Bush

Aryn Fletcher

Eva Grabysar-Rodriguez

Carrie Warner

Patrick McCann

Community Members

Jim Oehler

Sally Usmani

School Members

Nancy Connolly

Lori Sechesan

2017 - 2018 Meeting Schedule

September 13

Meeting Minutes

October 11

6:15 pm

November 8

8:15 am

December 13

8:15 am

January 17

6:15 pm

February 14

8:15 am

March 14

8:15 am

April 11

6:15 pm

May 9

8:15 am

June 13

8:15 am

James B. Farnsworth Elementary School CPS Level 1 School

5414 N. Linder Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60630

Phone: (773) 534-3535 Fax: (773) 534-3515

Principal Barbara Oken

Assistant Principal Julie Walsh