Dress Code

Dress Code

At Farnsworth School, the following dress code is always in effect.


Solid color white, blue or black collared shirt (no words, pictures, or designs)

Students may wear “Farnswear” or any Farnsworth logo apparel any day of the week


Solid color navy, black or khaki pants, skirts or capris (including jeans)


School appropriate footwear in good repair

No flip-flops or slippers (for safety reasons)


Solid color (no words, pictures, or designs) red, navy, white or black sweaters, sweatshirts or vests (without hoods) may be worn over collared shirts

Students may wear the red or black Farnsworth logo hooded sweatshirts (or hooded sweatshirts in Farnsworth colors (Blue, black, red, white) with NO writing on them)


Students are expected to wear their red Farnsworth t-shirt/sweatshirt (or plain red shirt with no writing on it) appropriate athletic pants or shorts in blue, black or khaki, and gym shoes on gym days

Students cannot wear jewelry for safety reasons


Failure to follow the dress code may result in loss of extracurricular privileges and a check on the report card.

Students who wear clothing or accessories that display the following as determined by the administration: illegal substances, obscenities, inappropriate language, affiliation with gangs, encourage illegal activity, racial hatred or violence, or who dress in a manner that causes serious disruption to the orderly process of the classroom may be subject to discipline in accordance with the terms of the CPS Student Code of Conduct, including in-school or out of school detentions or suspensions.

School Spirit Days

We have frequent Farnsworth School Spirit days. On these days, it is acceptable to wear any Farnsworth Apparel, or solid red or white shirts along with jeans. School Spirit Days are every Friday (or the last day of the week), as well as announced days for special celebrations.