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GaDOE awards funds for dyslexia screening to school districts

Each school district and state charter school will receive funding based on the number of K-3 students they enroll. LEAs will use the funds to screen students for characteristics of dyslexia in the early grades, allowing them to identify those students for support. Follow the link for a list of the GaDOE Qualified Dyslexia Screening Tools.  The full press release is available on the GaDOE website.

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GaDOE Receives National Recognition for Suitcase

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June 12, 2023 – The 1EdTech Consortium, a nonprofit educational technology collaborative, awarded GaDOE its Power Learner Potential Organization Award, along with its Silver Learning Impact Award, this week.

GaDOE received the award for SuitCASE, its digital platform for K-12 academic standards. (SuitCASE stands for System Unifying Instructional Tools using CASE; CASE is the Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange format created by 1EdTech.)

The SuitCASE platform places Georgia’s K-12 standards in a machine-readable format and allows for clear associations between each individual standard and related instructional resources – meaning teachers have a simple, streamlined way to access the information they need to design high-quality lessons.

“It starts with academic standards – that’s where learning begins,” GaDOE Chief Information Technology Officer Dr. Keith Osburn said. “Teachers are looking for digital systems to support what’s happening inside their classrooms, and that’s what SuitCASE does. It’s ensuring the availability of standards without coming at the cost of instructional time.”

The SuitCASE platform provides a unique opportunity for educators to engage with learning standards in the digital environment. Functions such as adding individual comments to any standard item, pinning an item to the frameworks board, and connecting to GaDOE’s Inspire application for curriculum maps and resources allows for a collaborative approach.

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