Columbia International School

Summer School 2022

2022 Aug 9

Cancellation of the Parents Day (8/11)/ 授業参観(8/11) のキャンセルについて

Dear parents/guardians,

It is with sad hearts to announce that we will cancel the Parent Open Day for Week #4 of Summer School (August 11th, Thu).

As announced yesterday, there is an increase in the number of students complaining of illness during the summer school. The school has decided that this was the safest option at the time. With the infection rate of COVID-19 in the Tokyo area, we want to minimize the exposure of our students and staff. We apologize for this decision and hope that you understand.



昨日お知らせしたように、サマースクール期間中に体調不良を訴える生徒が増加しています。学校としては、現時点ではこれが最も安全な選択であると判断しました。首都圏での新型コロナウイルスの感染率が高い中、生徒やスタッフの感染を最小限に抑えたいと考えています。 このような決断をしたことをお詫びするとともに、ご理解をお願いいたします。

CIS Summer School Office

2022 Aug 8

Health Observation / 健康観察について

To the parents and guardians of Summer School Week #4

Thanks to your cooperation, we are now in the fourth week of Summer School 2022, and we are having an enjoyable learning time with our students.

We have seen an increase in the number of students complaining of illness during the summer school. As indicated on page 2 of the handbook, students with fever, cold symptoms, or illness should stay home. This includes sore throats and headaches. For the remaining four days of the summer school, we would like to ask all parents once again to check your child’s health before sending your child to school so we can keep the program running without canceling. Also please make sure that your child is wearing a mask in school if they are in grades 1 through grade 9. All bus users are asked to wear a mask regardless of their age.




Summer School Office

2022 Aug 4

Week 4 Class Schedule 4週目のクラススケジュール

Welcome to CIS Summer School 2022! We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday, August 8th.

Week #4 - K1 (Ms. Maree) .pdf


Week #4 - K2 (Ms. Miyakoshi) .pdf


Week #4 - LE1 (Mr. Merritt) .pdf


Week #4 - LE2 (Ms. Gregorio) .pdf


Week #4 - LE3 (Ms. Marfori) .pdf


Week #4 - UE1 (Mr. Tang) .pdf


Week #4 - UE2 (Ms. Thawe) (1).pdf


Week #4 - UE3 (Ms. Eunice).pdf


Week #4 - J (Mr. Berry) .pdf