Social-Emotional & Wellness

Counselor's Role in Personal/Social Learning

School counselors have specialized training in counseling and human development. All school counselors have Master degrees. School counselors are able to assist students in personal problems that are interfering with academic success: family conflicts, conflicts with friends, communications skills, teacher conflicts, etc. Counselors use solution-focused strategies to help students make informed decisions. Often times, they will refer students and families to Mental Health agencies, when appropriate. Above all, school counselors are advocates for students.

Counselor-Student Confidentiality

Information shared with counselors is held in the highest respect. It is important for counselors to maintain trusting relationships with students, while advocating for student needs and well-being. We are obliged to break student confidentiality in the following instances:

  • when the student is in danger (suicidal risk, significant self-harm)

  • when the student is perceived to be a danger to others

  • suspected child abuse

  • if a crime is being committed

  • if the counselor is subpoenaed by a court

Financial Assistance

  • Counselors can assist in accessing funds to help students reach their potential. INVESTED donates to Olympic High School. If you would like to donate to this fund, contact our Bookkeeper 662-2717.

  • Students/Families who may qualify for our state "Free-and-Reduced-Lunch Program" can pick up an application in our main office or call 662-2703.

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