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Links to math-specific lessons, activities, instructional support for teaching students with disabilities, as well as text references

Math Resource Sheet (websites and research).docx

Math Tasks & Lessons

Open Middleopen-ended math problems (All grades)

Dan Meyer 3-Act Math (Middle School/High School)

Graham Fletcher 3-Act Math (Elementary)

Tap into Teen Minds 3-Act Math (All levels)

Mathalicious—real world lessons (Middle School/High School)

Desmos—tasks and graphing calculator (Middle School/High School)

YouCubed--Jo Boaler’s site at Stanford University—tasks and resources (All grades)

Illustrative Mathematics—tasks, lesson plans, resources (All grades)

Inside Mathematics—problems, resources, videos, tasks (All grades)

Achieve the Core—coherence map, tasks, resources, coaching tools (All grades)

Mathematics Assessment Project—Classroom Challenges (FALs) and tasks (Middle School/High School)

Robert Kaplinsky’s site—lessons, resources, and modeling tasks (All grades)

MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge—sample problems, modeling handbooks, etc. (High School)

Kentucky Center for Mathematics KY Numeracy Project Intervention Guide—differentiated tasks (Elementary)

K-5 Math Teaching Resources—activities, tasks (some free, some paid) (Elementary)

NCTM's Activities with Rigor and Coherence--series of lesson on specific topics (some free, some with paid membership) (All grades)

Math Activities & Games

Math Wire--games, activities, resources (All grades)

Learn with Math Games--games (Elementary, Middle))

Math Play--games, activities, interactives (Elementary, Middle)

Math Playground--games (Elementary, Middle)

Solve Me Mobiles--algebra tasks in game format (All levels)