Visual Art

"Art is not about what you see, it's about what you make others see." -Edgar Degas


Manipulating images to communicate ideas and opinions through composition, language and photography.

Exploring 2D media with an emphasis on color, contrast and depth.

Working with clay and other materials to learn about form, function and modeling.

Creating objects that are made to adorn, embellish, convey meaning and symbolize larger ideas.

General Art Assignments

Write a clear, concise statement about your art.

Create a Label that contributes to the impact of your artwork on the viewer.

"Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Thought provoking documentary about Street Art.

  • VPA proficiencies 3a. Perceive* , 3b. Interpret and 4b. Relate

Observation 101

Explore ways to look at art and understand what you see.

  • VPA proficiencies 3a. Perceive* and 3b. Interpret.

You Are the Jury

Establish criteria for evaluating art and use them to collect work for an exhibit.

  • VPA proficiencies 2a. Select and 2c. Curate, 3a. Perceive* and 3c. Evaluate.

* Proficiency required for graduation