Learn on a school-managed Chromebook

To help your child learn at home if school’s closed or they have homework, they can log in to and navigate their school account on their school-managed Chromebook.

Connect a school Chromebook

  1. Sign in to the Chromebook

  2. Connect to Wi-Fi

  3. Connect to Bluetooth devices

  4. Customize accessibility features

Important: If you can’t use some features or services, like your home Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or screen readers, contact your child’s school or teacher. They may need to allow access outside of school.

Monitor a school account

  1. Supervise a school-managed Chromebook with Family Link

    • If a child is on both a school Chromebook and school Google Account, parents can’t add controls.

    • When your child uses a school Chromebook, the school may restrict some services, like websites and apps.

Explore the Chromebook

  1. Use Google Classroom

  2. Use the Chromebook offline

  3. Use Microsoft Office apps