Iŋaliq School


Art Liaison: Mike Gadbois


Art Liaison: Rob Michaud

Ulu's like this one by Faith continue to be created by middle and high school artists in the shop.

Secondary students partner with elementary to help create face molds to be used for a mask making project.

November 2019

Artist Residency - Kim McNett

Food Web installation in Little Diomede School. This art piece is a collaboration between Kim McNett and the students of Little Diomede. Fall 2019.

Food Web Installation with Kim McNett

In preparation for this project, students played games and made mandalas to build background knowledge in science and art concepts.

Students worked together to set up elements for a live food-web energy exchange game. Little Diomede, Fall 2019.

Students run and chase, representing elements of the local ecosystem of Little Diomede. Fall 2019.

McNett's game with students of Little Diomede represents the transfer of energy through the local food web. Fall 2019.

Practice Mandalas

Little Diomede School. 2019.

Practicing New Skills

Kim McNett worked together with the teachers of Little Diomede to build student skills with small practice projects before moving into collaboration on their large installation piece.

Little Diomede, 2019.

Paper Food Webs

Little Diomede School. 2019.

Building the Collaborative Web

Students use their mandala skills to create a sunshine in the center of their project with phytoplankton as producers who photosynthesize sunlight into consumable energy.

-Artist Residency, Kim MnNett, Little Diomede. Fall 2019.

Students painted a wash and then drew on an animal for the group food web.

Students of all ages were able to take responsibility for providing a plaque for the collaborative project.

After Completing their Animal Plaques, students gave presentations about their animal's place in the local ecosystem. - Little Diomede 2019.

Completed Plaques with indigenous and English names were placed onto the large food web.

Artist Residency, Kim McNett. Little Diomede, Fall 2019.

Finished Project!

Students held an open-house for the community to share their work. Students pointed out their own plaques and explained how that species fit into the foo web. At this event, elders spoke about the importance of understanding local ecosystems and emphasized traditional foods and nutrition as community values.

September 2019

Secondary Student Projects

Diomede secondary students worked together with elementary and community members to study their local seasons. They also had a riddles unit where they made watercolor paintings, embossed replicas of their digiscope images, and made leaf prints to create a riddle book.

Elementary Student Projects

Diomede elementary students worked together with secondary and community members to study their local seasons. They also had a science unit about bees, learning how pollination works as well as some color-mixing, illustration, and embossing techniques.

Birds Project

Diomede students studied regional birds and created poster presentations, mobiles, and painted rocks that interact with the topic.

Start of the year Ulus

Students design, create, and embellish ulus in the school shop. These students work hard to make quality ulus that can be used, gifted, or sold.


Art Liaison: Rob Michaud


Art Liaison: Rob Michaud