Youth Cultural Heritage Leadership Academy

In April of 2018, Unalakleet Schools hosted the Youth Cultural Heritage Leadership Academy, which gathered teams of Youth Leaders from 12 communities in the District for three days of leadership development activities focused on strengthening our students leadership and advocacy capacity through the lens of cultural arts and traditional values in order to help prepare these students for their future roles as leaders and culture bearers. Teaching artists included Jane Lind (Performing Arts), Gary Eckenweiler (Ulu-making), Drew Michael (Mask-carving), Karen Olanna (Muskox horn carving/Printmaking), Randall Jones (ivory carving), Edwin Noongwook (drumming/dancing), Annie Woods (beading), Ryder Erickson (painting), Nick Hanson (traditional games and video documentary), Leslie Kimiko-Ward (dance), Maligiaq Padilla (drummaking), Donna Erickson (yoyo making, storytelling, & traditional medicines), and Harriette Slwooko (skinsewing). Five of the cultural teaching artists continued on to the Regional Native Youth Olympics games in St. Michael to deliver the Native Youth Cultural Arts Experience, working with student athletes in rope gymnastics, ivory and mask carving, drumming, dancing, painting, and performing arts.