Qayaq Project

Students in Teller have been working on building an umiaq - a large open skin boat- with Maligiaq Padilla. Ryan Topkok (in the bow) and Cameron Okbaok (in the stern) are BSSD graduates who are continuing their boat building apprenticeships under Maligiaq.

-January 2017

The Unaaq "Unalakleet iDidaMovie" (Converted).mov

The Unaaq -Featuring Qayaq-builder, Maligiaq Padilla, and the students of Unalakleet School, made by Nick Hansen.

Time-lapse of Maligiaq building a contemporary Norton-Sound style qayaq in Koyuk, Alaska.

Time Lapse.m4v

Mercedes Otten tells her story of the hunters and the bear, painted on a drum made by Maligiaq and St. Michael students.