2017-2018 Residencies

To view pictures and read stories from residencies during the 2016-2017 school year , click here!

During the 2017-2018 school year, students in Golovin, Koyuk, Savoonga, Elim, Stebbins, Diomede, and Shaktoolik will have the opportunity to work with teaching artists during a two-week long Artist-in-Schools residency!


Artist In Residence at Martin L. Olson School, November 8-22, 2017

Moses Wassilie was our chosen artist here in Golovin. He came highly recommended by Toby and Debbie Anungazuk and is well known among the carving community.

Moses worked with all students K through 12 in the areas of drawing, painting, carving, mask making, and jewelry design. With the K through 3 grade levels he introduced them to a lot of drawing techniques. He would break up the drawing with music sessions with his guitar or some drumming. The drawing sessions were also interspersed with passing around postcards of native masks from different tribes and explaining the stories behind each mask and what the details on the masks represented. In the second part of the residency, they made their own beautiful masks implementing all that they had learned.

In 4th through 7th grades, Moe brought a large array of bones, baleen, and ivory pieces and let the kids pick out a couple of pieces to start sanding to “make something beautiful”. Our kids really impressed me with their dedication without really knowing what the end result would be- which turned out to be a pair of earrings. As with the younger kids, there was music breaks, singing and with the 6th graders a painting day resulting in seagulls on canvas with acrylic paints. The last few days all the kids worked with fervor, coming in after school to complete their projects. One student created three projects. The end result was many unique, one of a kind, beautiful sets of earrings.

The high school age kids worked on a cooperative project creating one mask and labored in the wood shop creating small wooden devices on a string. They were the design of a traditional tool to ward off wolves.

The staff enjoyed weekend and night sessions of painting and jewelry making. Two of which continued to make multiple projects intended for Christmas gifts. He left us with many canvases, some small bits of traditional materials, beads, and beading thread to continue our endeavors.

The two weeks culminated with a community social and display of all the finished (and some unfinished) projects. The 6th grade performed one of Moe’s country songs he wrote himself, The Tundra Country Blues. It was a full house and he received rave reviews. Moses was greatly appreciated. So much so, the school felt a little sad and lonely the day after without his great presence.

-Karen Reese, Art Liaison

2017 Artist In Residence.m4v


April 22-28, 2018 with Jen Jolliff

This year, we took on a community mural project with visiting artist Jen Jolliff. The students and community joined together to work on making a pixelated mural. We did warm and cool tone mosaic pieces which were painted with self-portraits, animal portraits, sunshine faces, snowflakes, paw prints and a few other things that were put together to into one big mural. The kids loved trying to figure out who was who on the portraits and at our community night we had some adults who were unsure about painting but finally did and said they were glad they came. Fun was had by all!!! This mural represents our village and will be on permanent display in our school cafeteria. We had an awesome time with Jen!!

-Deb James, Art Liaison

See more photographs at: http://jenjolliff.com/koyuk-artist-residency


May 6-19, 2018 with Roblin Gray Davis

Roblin came and worked with the students in the art of making Tableaus. He first introduced himself to the students and played different name games that would engage the brain in a way where performing and expression is vital. The students worked on separating their urge to move instantly and having first to think before they move. This was a struggle because students wanted to move before they knew where they were going. They had to work on that a lot until they started catching on. Then we worked on how to have control of our bodies by holding still and not moving or getting distracted. This was hard too because the students had a lot of giggles to get out! Then we followed the steps on how to make a tableaus. First is thinking (in silence), share (without responding), deciding what they will create, and then finally create. They would use their bodies to create objects. Each age group practiced many of them through out the weeks leading up to the final performance. The final performance went very well. Only a fraction of the kids performed but they all seemed to really enjoy themselves on stage and many community members were at the show. Many of the parents were laughing as the kids formed themselves as basketball hoops, sled dogs, bears, ice, fish, walrus, reindeers, hondas, and snow machines. It turned out really well. It was great having Roblin visit our school!

-Aaron Freeman, Art teacher and Liaison


May 6-19, 2018 with Linda Infante Lyons

Linda Lyons was blast to have in the classroom and in Shaktoolik. She taught students how to make relief animal prints using styrofoam and also taught all kids about brushes and their strokes. She walked around the community and chatted with the kids through out the village. She connected with the high schoolers while working on the mural. All the kids enjoyed working on a big art project. The finished project is amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to give our students quality art experiences. She also shared art books with me to share with kids who are interested in the ARTS!!!! Quyaana!

-Stacey Paniptchuk, Art Liaison

The final mural will be installed on the Armory building, which serves as the Iditarod Checkpoint in Shaktoolik!


May 6-19, 2018 with Teri Tibbett

Last week Tukurngailnguq School in Stebbins, Alaska completed a two-week Artist in Schools (AIS) residency with visiting musician Teri Tibbett from Juneau. To kick-off the residency school staff hosted a free coffeehouse event for the community. Attendees enjoyed free coffee, cocoa, and cookies while they listened to Teri perform live and had a chance to meet and greet her after the show. Stebbins’ own Joe Washington brought his fiddle and joined in the fun for the last song. During the school week Teri worked with all students K-12, engaging them with hands-on music lessons and teaching music-integrated history. After school hours Teri offered guitar lessons to interested students and staff, and enjoyed exploring the town and tundra lands of Stebbins on evening walks. The AIS residency ended with a culminating Spring Spectacular Music Show where students took to the stage to perform their favorite songs alongside Teri for staff and community members. Stebbins third grader Anya Mike presented Teri with a beautiful woven grass basket hand-made by her grandmother as a thank you from the City of Stebbins, and first grader Ellayna Hall presented her with a Tukurngailnguq Grizzly sweatshirt as a thank you from students and staff at the school.