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Welcome to the BACS Career Site! Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. For further explanation, please contact Rhonda Hanaway, Career Adviser at or

(401) 726-1750 X 139

*Thank you to Assi for creating this google site for us! Rhonda and Assi will be continually updating this site with opportunities. It is a 'live' document!

Explanation of career requirements by grade:

9th grade: Students will become familiar with different careers through “The Career Game” and other career exploration resources. They will get to know their learning styles, aptitudes and interests. They will also become familiar with our 5 External Learning Skills.

10th grade: Students will begin to show progress in each of the 5 External Learning Skills and must (at minimum) volunteer or participate in a job shadow. They can do both. If they have completed these in high quality ways, they may be ready for an internship or service learning project. Any community-based learning experience can help a student make progress towards gaining these skills including jobs, clubs, sports, etc.

11th grade: Students will work on mastering the 5 External Learning Skills and by the end of eleventh grade they will have ( at minimum) completed a substantial volunteer experience and/or completed an internship. All students will complete an independent service learning project by the end of 11th grade.

12th grade: Mastery of the 5 External Learning Skills will provide a better understanding for our seniors that will complete a 100 hour senior project during their senior year. Any outside experience is encouraged to gain more knowledge of their chosen senior project topic.

Any questions can be directed to:

Rhonda Hanaway, Career Adviser

401-726-1750 x 139