Cafeteria Rules


All EMS Students are provided meals at no charge or they can choose to bring their own. When breakfast or lunch is finished trash is to be picked up and thrown into the proper receptacle. There should be no shouting, yelling, or banging on the tables. Students are allowed to talk to their friends at their respective tables. However, they should not wander around the cafeteria. Students should enter and leave in an orderly, quiet manner.

Cafeteria Rules

1. Each student is expected to use polite manners.

2. Students may not take food outside the cafeteria, unless given permission by a Staff Member.

3. Form single lines - do not cut into lines.

4. Follow the instructions of the lunch supervisors.

5. Recycle appropriate items and place garbage in garbage containers.

6. Do not throw food or garbage in the cafeteria. If a student’s throws food or garbage anywhere, he or she may face disciplinary consequences.

7. Do not loiter in the bathrooms.

8. The lunch supervisor may assign students specific seats.

9. Students will be excused from the cafeteria, table by table, and only when their eating area is clean.