Attendance Regulations and Procedures

1. Legal absence consists only of:

a. Personal illness and illness or death in the family

b. Impassable or unsafe roads

c. Quarantine

d. Religious observations

e. Court order

2. Please have your parent or guardian call the attendance office, 762-8309, the day that you are absent. The office is open from 7:30 A.M. until 4:00 P.M.

3. After absence, pupils are required to bring a written excuse written by his or her parent stating the illness - i.e. cold, flu, sore throat, etc. illness is not enough.

4. If we do not receive a note within three days, we will treat the absence as an illegal absence.

5. A student absent for legal reasons may make up missed work.

6. When absences become excessive:

a. Parents will be notified

b. Doctors certification may be requested

7. A pupil is not to leave the building without permission from the Principal, Assistant Principal, Administrative Intern or the Nurse.

8. Doctor and dentist appointments should be made during school hours only in cases of emergency. Written notes are required when being excused for a doctor or dentist appointment - also give the doctor’s name or hospital.

9. Class attendance is required. Failure to attend classes will result in:

a. Parent being notified

b. In-building discipline