Face to Face Workshops

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August 13th 8:00am-4:00pm

Lincoln Center Rooms 308 & 219

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day of learning with discovery education

We are excited to present a Day of Learning with Discovery Education in Billings on August 13th. This professional learning day is FREE to any public-school educator in Montana. Two amazing Discovery Education products, Experience and DreamBox Learning, are available at no cost to all Montana public schools, through a partnership with OPI. Teachers will have the opportunity to earn up to 6 OPI renewal credits during our Day of Learning. 

August 22nd, 9:00am-4:00pm

Billings Public Library Community Room

K-5 Tech summit

During this interactive and hands-on Tech Summit teachers will participate in a variety of roundtable experiences and discussions centered around digital citizenship, effective technology integration and Artificial Intelligence in education. Teacher-led groups will focus on the technology standards of: Impact, Inclusive, Informed, Engaged, Balanced and Alert. Teachers will learn best practices and digital tools that support each standard, then have the opportunity to explore and create using a variety of programs and tools.

Middle School Mondays

This is a series of trainings for new teachers teaching in middle school. Once a month a topic will be presented by district experts and teacher leaders. Learning will range from PowerSchool, Success Criteria, to Ellevation. 

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New dates for the below trainings posted soon

Wired Wednesdays

Once again MRESA III will host sessions free for you. This year sessions will prepare you to pass the Google Certification exam. Each session will result in earning a badge on a Google tool. This year we are in person, 5:30 to 7:30.

Go Go GImkit

TILT leaders will share with you what Gimkit can be for your class. You will leave with at least one activity you can do with your students and great ideas for getting Gimkit going in your classes. 

Go Guardian

This is a blended course where you will learn and earn on your own using Go Guardian University and then meet for a collaborative session to discuss best practices. There will be several options for the collaborative session. 

august 8th

8:00am - 3:30pm


The MCCE Summer Tech Summit is here again and we cannot wait to explore, discover and focus on PURPOSE with you! This year's Summit will take place at Lockwood High School. We have some amazing sessions and surprises in store!​ 

6 OPI renewal units offered. Registration cost is $35. Be sure to complete a special request for trade and submit pre-approval for step-up credit (if needed).

Googles of Fun

Learn all about Google Workspace to enhance your teaching. We will explore various tools and features in Classroom, Bard, Forms, Sites, Slides, Docs, and more. All these will help you be more efficient and create more engaging, interactive lessons. Most importantly, it will help you save time and be more organized.

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All THings Google

Many people know that Google Classroom, Docs, Drive, and Slides are part of Google, but do you know about Bard, YouTube, Keep, Photos, and Maps? If so, or if not, come to this workshop to integrate your skills and make your Google skills more intelligent, efficient, and jazzy. The workshop will be a learn, design, collaborate, do model, so bring a device and be prepared to collaborate with colleagues.

Be sure and fill out the proper step-up paperwork.