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Seesaw has a great article with things specialists should consider when setting up classes or deciding if they should be co-teachers. You can also read more below:

  • If you are a co-teacher, you're going to get LOTS of notifications. For the most part, it's stuff teachers will handle (i.e. approving items they have posted). You can ignore them, delete them, set up an email filter ... whatever works for you. Only approve items you have posted for students, not stuff other teachers have posted.

  • Utilize activities as a way to post to more than one classroom at a time, otherwise you'll need to copy and paste journal posts and messages into multiple classes.

  • As suggested in the video above, utilize folders to organize work you're sending students. You can tag an activity with a folder, so that all student work will appear in that folder. NOTE: Your activity won't appear in the folder, but student responses will.


If you chose to have your own classes set up (not be a co-teacher):

The way students login will vary, and this will depend on their classroom teacher, if your school has a paid subscription, etc. If students normally login with Clever or email, they will automatically see your class listed and will just be able to toggle between their classes. If they normally login with a QR code, they'll need a code for your class, too, and will need to login and logout each time they need to access a different class.

Even though students can easily toggle, they may need reminders to check their specialist/intervention classes for activities or messages. Mrs. Blakeslee created this graphic and posted in all of her students' home room classes, so they know to check for their music class.

If your school has Seesaw for Schools, connected parents will automatically be connected to your class, and you'll be able to send them notifications and messages in the Seesaw Inbox.


Whichever method you decide, if you are in a BPS Seesaw for Schools building, please complete this form to have your classes set up for you. Please contact Traci Piltz, District Seesaw Administrator, with any questions.

There are several how-to videos for help with Seesaw, that you can find here. I also recommend visiting for information, as well as with any questions.