Click through the slides below to learn more about the phases of TILT and our strategic priorities at each phase. In each phase our focus is on the district priorities of cultivating talent and developing skills that will help teachers address the needs of diverse learners.

Phase 1 is an exploration of tools and pedagogy in a safe, fun, collaborative environment. 

Teachers complete several hands-on projects, improve their technology skills in a variety of areas, and become proficient in accessing and using district technology tools. Teachers will create a digital portfolio to enhance the practice of reflective thinking. 

Phase 2 continues exploration, but the focus turns toward enhancing the curricular content.

Phase 2 teachers focus on creating a classroom environment in which technology is seamlessly integrated with purpose and to support curricular content. Teachers create standards-aligned lessons and implement in their classrooms.

Phase 3 emphasizes professional growth through sharing with colleagues. 

Teachers emerge as mentors, assisting other teachers to improve pedagogy, both with and without technology. An emphasis is placed on sharing meaningful technology use with colleagues.