Strategic Plan


"Our Primary Purpose is to Improve Student Achievement."

The purpose of this site is to provide parents, community members, staff and students an overview of our five year strategic vision for the Bethel Public Schools. In addition, we also want to provide our stakeholders with access to multi-year outcome data linked to our strategic initiatives and overall progress as a system. The plan is not static, but a living document which continually evolves based on the needs of our students in the system and was developed based on the following Theory of Action:

Superintendent’s Theory of Action Regarding Strategic Planning

If we develop a plan which establishes a strategic vision for the Bethel Public Schools, then we will have a clear focus as a system and all students will achieve at high levels. This will be evidenced by the development of a plan which:

  • Is based on research, analysis of data, internal and external factors that affect education, and community needs;
  • Is focused on strategies which lead to increasing student outcomes;
  • Allows for alignment and management of resources and programs to meet the strategic goals, Board of Education goals, core beliefs, mission and vision of the district; and
  • Creates a system-wide accountability to benchmark progress towards achievement of goals and strategies.