for the skills identified to Personalize Learning

Welcome to the BCPS Learner-Centered Training Modules! Training and activities to equip staff learners with tools that provide all learners:

CHOICE and VOICE; while reducing obstacles of PACE and PLACE

This website is a living website that evolves as we learn, capture data, and recognize even more about creating personalized learner-centered environments.

As lifelong learners, we all continue to learn and to evolve, reflecting a growth mindset that is contagious to our student learners. We know our instructional staff members are aware of the importance of technology in our world today, and we believe that with support and collaboration from all, we can achieve this goal of providing our learners with the ideal learning experience and support our learners in our ever-changing technology world.

In order to help our student learners meet today's world and beyond, we are suing the principles of Reimagining Education to frame our training. Please feel free to explore this nation-wide conversation driven by placing learners in the center of Education: Education Reimagined

Coupled with the Curated PL Links, these resources are created by teachers for teachers.