Avalon Sports

Note for 2020/2021 season: Many changes are taking place due to COVID-19.

1. MSHSL recently decided to move Volleyball to a "spring" season

2. Games and competitions will be reduced and/or modified

3. Avalon will require parent transportation to and from practice and competitions

4. Masks will be required at times, and proper social distancing and hygiene will be required at all times.

Click on the links for detailed information about each sport: scheduling, registration, and more!

Fall Sports:

Winter Sports:

  • Nordic Skiing (Avalon-hosted varsity 7th-12th grade)
  • Basketball (HSRA-hosted All-Gender/Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity [7th-12th grade] )
  • Wrestling (Venture-hosted All-Gender/Boys)

Spring Sports:

  • Volleyball (moved to Spring 2021) through HSRA (Varsity option only for girls ages 7th through 12th grade)
  • Ultimate Frisbee (Avalon-hosted 6th-8th grade co-ed team and high school all-gender/boys team)
  • Baseball (Venture-Hosted)

Note that Venture Academy and HSRA are both high schools.

There are loads of other sports options out there as well! Check with your city's parks and recreation department for local sports offerings, check out climbing gyms, rec centers, downhill ski areas, sign up for (and train for!) citizen races. If you are interested in something, talk with your family or your advisor and they can help you get connected! If you know of a group of Avalon students interested in a specific sport, let Chris know about it!

For Questions, Contact Chris Jandro (chris@avalonschool.org)